Aloha From Las Vegas!

We Do Plants is Celebrating 10 years in Las Vegas! We appreciate all of your support and were offering some really great deals to say thanks!

10 Years and Counting! Thanks to you, Mahalo!

We're still going strong, order now to get our best deals ever.

Living walls add texture

And you could possibly add some to your salad.


Brighten Your Surroundings


Over 10 years Proudly Serving the Las Vegas Area!


Aloha Las Vegas!

Celebrating 10 years proudly serving Las Vegas NV, and Honolulu Hawaii! If you haven't already give us a shot to brighten your day, you wont regret it. Contact us to set up a trial run, for your home or business.

We Did it! Were super excited and grateful to still be going strong after 10 years!

If you haven't already please give us a chance to brighten your day!

WOO HOO! 10 Years!

We did it!

Is there something that just isn’t quite right about the ambiance in your home or business?  Is the space you spend so much time in a little stale or lifeless? Do you or your employees often say things like” I’ve gotta get out of the office, I’ve been stuck in here all morning” or “I need some fresh air”?

There’s something you can do!

It’s a proven fact that plant’s clean the air, reduce stress and just make you feel good!

We Do Plants, Etc. will come to you and show you how beautiful healthy plants and flowers can magically enhance and transform your home or office. We use our expertise to help you decide which plants work best in your surroundings. When choosing plants, we consider room lighting, placement, ambiance and allergies is helping you design your perfect space. The possibilities are endless – we have everything from Aglaonemas to Zamias. We offer individualized, personal attention.

At home or at work, live plants and flowers make it easy and economical for you to enjoy a healthy environment. Our goal is to assist you in creating beautiful, calm, inviting and uplifting spaces. It’s not just you that receives our personal attention – your plants get our personal attention too, every week of the year!

We Do Plants, Etc has been in business in Las Vegas since 2004 and is owned and operated by Amy Boger. Born and raised in the Aloha State,  Amy grew up surrounded by numerous of beautiful, exotic, lush plants and flowers from the Hawaiian Islands. Amy has been working with plants and flowers for more than 20 years and intuitively understands the magical effect plants and flowers have in influencing our environment.

Amy – Owner / Designer

“Plants and Flowers are inviting – they bring warmth to our homes and create soothing and appealing environments and have natural mood-enhancing effects – most people don’t even realize just how dramatically plants can change the feeling of a room, but take them away from a space and you’ll see just what a difference this one element can produce”

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